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  4. Es realmente difícil despertar, bañarse, manejar, trabajar, comer, hacer ejercicio, caminar por las calles alrededor de tu casa mientras paseas perros, en fin, vivir con esa ansiedad, la angustia, esas enormes ganas de tirarte al suelo y llorar hasta que ya no puedes más. Es realmente difícil pretender que has logrado seguir adelante cuando en realidad sólo sientes hundirte, pero no te queda más que hacer, fingir hasta que logres convencerte a ti mismo.
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    a pick-me-up after today’s doa

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Human Heart Carafe
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My art project fell on the floor during critique n it looks better


    My art project fell on the floor during critique n it looks better

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  13. Real depression is something so serious, so life-threatening, so heavy, that it is more than disingenuous to bandy the word around lightly—it is dangerous… Unlike cancer its sufferers are too often greeted with a creeping sense of blame and suspicion, rather than compassion and horror… Depression is like being forced to wear a cloak made of lead. You don’t get to choose when to put it on and take it off. It is a second skin which gradually seeps into your own, real skin and poisons it until you are a walking, toxic, corrosive bundle of infectious awfulness. The thought of suicide is the only real respite and the only chink of light at the end of the tunnel. You can “pull yourself together” only inasmuch as you can make yourself three feet taller.

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