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  2. Fucking asshole.
  3. Let me be perfectly clear to you. A promise wasn’t the only thing you broke. And that’s not ok.
  4. I want to live so bad, but I’m so terribly sad.
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  6. Somedays being me is too much and somedays being me is not enough.
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    This was the single funniest thing I have ever seen a president do.


    I will never not reblog this.


    Let’s all take a moment to remember that Obama actually fucking did this omg 

  9. I keep on wondering if I’m the one to blame for having such an idealistic point of view. It never crossed my mind how things might get harder for us, how scared you would turn out to be. No, all that came into my thoughts was how much I loved everything about you. What a beautiful soul you had, how much I longed to hold you and kiss you all the time, how badly I wanted to be a better person for you. Sadly, life doesnt work that way. The universe isn’t as optimistic as I am. And now I’m all bitter and filled with toxic thoughts. Hatred, sadness, anger. A rollercoaster of feeling like I want to kill myself or kill someone else.

  10. ¿Cómo logro despertarme en las mañanas? Recordando que algún día volveré a encontrar algo que valga la pena, algo que me pueda hacer sonreir sinceramente. Mientras tanto sólo soy útil, mecanica. Mientras tanto sólo existo, como el resto del mundo.

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  14. Es realmente difícil despertar, bañarse, manejar, trabajar, comer, hacer ejercicio, caminar por las calles alrededor de tu casa mientras paseas perros, en fin, vivir con esa ansiedad, la angustia, esas enormes ganas de tirarte al suelo y llorar hasta que ya no puedes más. Es realmente difícil pretender que has logrado seguir adelante cuando en realidad sólo sientes hundirte, pero no te queda más que hacer, fingir hasta que logres convencerte a ti mismo.
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